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The world is experiencing a rapid increase of advanced ICT solutions and related data – a digital explosion. Nowadays almost all modern devices communicate with other devices and the Internet with a common digital language. This is in addition to the data produced and transmitted via the Internet by human beings, and is called the Internet of Things, IoT.

Even normal home equipment like washing machines, refrigerators, electrical heaters and owens, not talking about SMART TVs and other audiovisual devices and mobile telecommunication devices, all send information on themselves and can receive software updates and even operating commands via wireless or wired networks.

Cars, starting from the cheapest models, have already for years included a number of computers with wireless network access, and have been, in practice, operable remotely, including door locks, engine operation, brakes, lights and all other functions that are controlled by digital electronics. They will also be soon able to drive without human driver. This is based on accurate positioning combined with intelligent software that can operate and handle the car correctly in all traffic situations and weather conditions.

In addition to mobile communication devices and cars, active positioning system is included in many other electronic devices, which enables tracking them throughout the logistic chain from factories to homes of people who buy them.

About 80% of the data created in the world is video data which is due to the fact that “an image tells more than a thousand words”. Every video frame contains a very large amount of data, and therefore a HD movie with 25 fps video rate requires extensive space in a hard disk connected to your SMART TV.

It is estimated that there were 245 million professionally installed surveillance cameras in the world in 2015, and the number is continuously increasing. The most common method of utilisation for this data is still nowadays watching the stream by human operators. According to tests the effectivity of human-based security camera surveillance drops drastically in 10-20 minutes, and after a while even pink elephants may be able to pass across the video screen without being noticed by the human operator.

Many surveillance camera systems are supported by Video Component Analysis (VCA) software, which helps the security personnel to decrease the number of missed events of interest by creating automatic alerts of situations when monitored objects violate fixed rules defined in the VCA system. The rules are defined in the system setup and can be changed manually. Typical rules include lines separating allowed and forbidden regions in the camera view, allowed and forbidden moving directions, and speed limits. Also object types, like humans and cars, may be distinguished from each other.

Security surveillance systems can include also other sensors, like motion, acoustic, and metal detectors, X-ray cameras, and mass spectrometers that sense explosives and drugs. The combined data from these can improve the situation picture, but requires more complex analysis and interpretation.

All of the above data contain together huge amounts of information. The extraction of the meaningful pieces of information from the data in near real time requires methods that can process large multidimensional data effectively. Modern knowledge discovery methods including data mining, machine learning and computer vision algorithms suit perfectly for the task.

We – the Isaware team – have a background in science and altogether over 100 years of experience in research and analysis of big data from ground-based astronomical telescopes and satellites.

Isaware was grown from the urgent need of security sector to get help from science for better situational awareness in various emergency and crisis situations, accidents, and actions of crime that require early intervention and fast actions based on correct interpretation of the diverse combination of data.

Utilisation of computers and advanced algorithms to squeeze automatically the necessary pieces of information is the only effective solution for the problem at hand.

Isaware provides tailored solutions that meet – exactly – the needs of our customers.

We uncover the reality.